Abstract Submission Instructions

General Information

  • Abstracts on any marine benthic ecology topic will be accepted.
  • Only ONE abstract per presenting author is permitted.
  • When registering, participants will be instructed to indicate their preference for an oral or poster presentation. Time slots for oral presentations are limited so the program committee reserves the right to change oral presentation submissions to poster submissions if necessary. Authors will be informed if so.
  • Oral and poster presentations will be grouped by topic area for scheduling so authors must designate their top three choices for topic areas for from the following list.
  • No abstracts will be accepted after April 1, 2023


1. Anthropogenic Impacts
2. Aquaculture
3. Benthic Monitoring
4. Biodiversity
5. Biological Invasions
6. Chemical Ecology
7. Climate Change
8. Community Ecology
9. Coral Reef Ecology
10. Deep Sea Ecology
11. Ecophysiology
12. Ecosystem Ecology
13. Fisheries
14. Habitat Sustainability & Restoration
15. Hard-bottom Ecology
16. Kelp Ecology
17. Life History Strategies
18. Population Ecology
19. Recruitment / Larval Ecology
20. Seagrass Ecology
21. Saltmarsh Ecology
22. Soft-bottom Ecology
23. Symbioses
24. Trophic Relationships
25. Brevity is the Soul of Wit (It’s back! 5 minute presentations that spur 10 min of discussion)

Abstract Submission Instructions

Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a link where you can submit your abstract.

When submitting your abstract you will need to enter the following information:

  • Authors (presenting author should be listed first)
  • Author Affiliation (list institutional affiliation in same order as authors)
  • Session Title (add your poster or talk title here)
  • Session Description